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30 Days of Ideas for Kindness Acts

30 Days of Kindness Acts -

I’ve been super busy this week and didn’t get my Thursday post written. And in spite of my best intention to post daily during December, you can see that didn’t happen. So I am sharing this Kindness calendar that a friend shared on Facebook.

It has a simple task to do every day to share a little kindness. It’s a little late for the beginning of the month, but you can still jump in to continue this month and start a new one in January.

I hope you enjoy it.

Calendar of December Acts of Kindness -

You can get a printable copy here for this month and every month. The site has a lot of ideas and tips to check out.

I’ll be back in a few days with some fun things I have been working on.

Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “30 Days of Ideas for Kindness Acts

  1. Thank you Robin, this can be used every month, keep it up on the fridge to remind the whole family. I know what you mean about posting everyday, I also didn’t realize how much work that involves. Should have picked a month that isn’t so busy.


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