DIY Christmas Card Display

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as we’ve been putting out some Christmas decorations this week. This is one of my DIY projects from last year, that I thought turned out pretty good. I meant to add some ornaments or a bird ornament to the greenery before I took the picture, but I forgot.

This is a cute way to display birthday or other special occasion cards, too. My Mom would have loved one of these when she was in the nursing home for cards or photos of the grandkids. I’m thinking it would be pretty sweet in a baby’s room, as both a decor item and a holder for all of cards that were received.

I’ve also used it in the craft room to hold notes with ideas, and in my office to holds notes and “to do” lists. Just change out the greenery and decorations for something that is more season appropriate.

DIY Christmas Card Display -

This Christmas Card display is so easy to make using an old phone book or some of those insurance books that come in the mail. Back when my kids were little, there were a bunch of projects using the same method, and I am happy to see them become popular again.

These can be made with regular books too. The nice thing about using books, is that because of the book thickness, the pages will hold more cards or photos.

To make these, you simply fold each page in half, folding the page to the back. It does take a bit of time to do all the folding, so I worked on it while watching a movie. Check every few pages to insure the page edges are even.

DIY Christmas Card Display -

I liked the way the one from a phone book turned out, but the other made from an insurance booklet had those blue blocks on the page edges, which I didn’t care for. I lightly sprayed the edges of that one with red spray paint.

DIY Christmas Card Display -

I would love to see a picture of how you style your card display.


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