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Grilled Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

If you love the flavor of jalapeno poppers, this sandwich is for you! It’s so easy that I”m almost embarrassed to call it a recipe. I discovered this sandwich while scrolling through Pinterest a couple of years ago and have made it using a couple of different techniques. They all were equally delicious! The alternative tip is at the bottom of the recipe.

Our favorite ways to serve this sandwich is with either tomato soup or potato chips.

Grilled Jalapeno Popper Sandwich - haphazardhomemaker.com

Grilled Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

Printable recipe

Ingredients for EACH sandwich (multiply as needed to make more than one)

  • 2 Jalapenos – cut in half lengthwise, remove seed & membrane
  • 2 ounces cream cheese – softened for easy spreading
  • 2 slices bacon – cooked (I usually use leftover bacon from breakfast)
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese (I used about 1 ounce of shredded instead)
  • 2 slices sturdy bread (French, Italian, Oat all work well)
  • Butter – about 2 Tablespoons for frying sandwich


  1. Fry bacon, then lay on paper towel to remove extra grease. Remove grease from skillet or griddle and wipe with a paper towel. (If using precooked bacon, warm slightly by laying across the jalapenos while they cook)
  2. Melt a little butter on the skillet or griddle.
  3. Flatten the prepared jalapeno halves on the hot surface. Cook on both sides about 5 minutes each.
  4. While the jalapenos are cooking on the second side, spread the softened cream cheese on one slice of bread. Place it on the hot buttered surface.
  5. Lay the other piece of bread on the hot buttered surface, then add the cheddar cheese to the top of it.
  6. Lay the cooked jalapenos on top of the cream cheese, followed by the cooked bacon.
  7. By this time the cheddar cheese slice should be melted. Place it cheese side down on top of the bacon.
  8. Continue grilling until the sandwich is lightly browned.

Alternative Method:

We almost always have a jar of sliced jalapeno slices in the fridge. To help save half the time on making this sandwich, use these instead of fresh whole jalapenos.

  • Sometimes, if I don’t have whole jalapenos, I will take a bunch of slices (6 -7) chop them up and stir into the softened cream cheese, and then spread on the slice of bread. Continue following the directions. These are pretty mild when chopped in the cream cheese.
  • Other times, I will spread the cream cheese, then gently press a bunch of jalapeno slices into the cream cheese, then proceed with the recipe.

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