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Sunday Reflections: A Blank Canvas

This week’s post is a wonderful inspiration to plan you days to include more life and more me-time. It was written in January by a fellow blogger to start the New Year off right, but will work just as well to do weekly or monthly.

My Sunday Reflections series is about sharing ideas, thoughts and insights on self-care, relationships, chronic illnesses, growing older, self-improvement, inspiration, or anything else that I feel is useful information and might be of benefit to someone.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels – Edited by Haphazardhomemaker


A Blank Canvas

The calendar spaces are blank. It’s January, the first month of a new year. And most of us have opened up a pristine yearly calendar for this brand new year.

Blank calendar blocks face us. Months, weeks, and days with nothing written on them…yet.

But soon those empty spaces will be full. They will overflow with appointments: dentists, physicians, optometrists, car maintenance, and hair salons. Work schedules, meetings, school schedules and programs. Church events. Special occasions. Family and friends’ birthdays and anniversaries.

Before you know it, that blank calendar is not blank any longer. Each day brings a necessary item to remember or something which must be accomplished.

But what about all the time in between those appointments and the rush to go here and there?

Recently, I read a quote that truly resonated with me. It was written by Dave Ramsey, financial guru, and I’m sure he meant it in relation to one’s financial future, but I took it one step further and applied it to the less physical.

How should we plan our mental, emotional, and spiritual futures with purpose to make them outstanding?

We are already a few days into 2020, another year of life we’ve been granted. An entire year lays before us like a blank art canvas or an empty journal of bare pages. We possess the means to make what we will out of this New Year.

We have the paints to create our own masterpiece and the brushes to begin our first strokes on our blank canvas of life. There’s ink in our pens to write, a keyboard in front of us to type in our empty journal of living . . . continue reading at Mamas Empty Nest.

If you have read this far, I know you are “dismayed” that I’m sending you to another page to finish reading. In all fairness to the original author, it is only right for that person to know that their post is being read. Please let them know that you enjoyed their writing. Thank you!

This post is being shared with permission by Mamas Empty Nest.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: A Blank Canvas

  1. It is up to us to make the most of that blank canvas. No matter our circumstances, it is good to add some flourishes of color to those pages! Being intentional about how we spend our time makes a huge difference in how this ‘work of art’ will turn out.

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