Farmhouse Window – Dollar Tree DIY

I loved this decorative Farmhouse Window from the first time I saw it on a blog post by Michelle last year, but I just couldn’t think of anywhere I could hang it. By the time I figured out a place, I couldn’t find the fence sections. You can bet I snatched them up the first time I found them in the store this year!

The heart wreath was an earlier project. I want to replace it with a boxwood wreath, but that will entail a trip to the city for supplies.

It costs less than $8 in supplies to make and was actually pretty quick, if you don’t count the two or three 24 hour drying periods. (There are much quicker drying time glues, if you are in a hurry) My farmhouse window is still black, because I am undecided about whether or not to paint it. Michelle painted hers an off-white, which was really pretty.

Oops . . . I see I forgot to remove the little things on the back of the frames that are meant to hold the glass, picture and everything in the frame.

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I bought the six 8″ x 10″ picture frames and the garden fence section at Dollar Tree. These are absolutely plain plastic frames with no grooves or adornments. We already had some gripper clamps in various sizes. I had bought a large bag of them at Walmart for $10 or $12 years ago.

I used E6000 glue, but the drying time is 24 hours. (Again, check other glues if you need quicker drying times) Dollar General, hobby stores and Amazon carry it. I bought a tube at Walmart twice as large (2 oz) for $1 less than Dollar General.

Remove everything from the frames and set aside. I haven’t figured out a plan for them yet, but they are not needed for this project. Lay the frames out horizontally so they line up with the fence section. Be sure to put down paper or an old plastic tablecloth. Because we didn’t have enough clamps, we glued each horizontal pair together and let them dry 24 hours, then glued the three pairs together. Always double check for right orientation before gluing. Just saying . . .

After much consideration, I decided I wanted the plastic fence section attached as shown in the photo below for added strength. Hubby removed the center stake on the bottom of the fence section and used a Dremel to sand smooth the cut out. The bottom edge of the fence section is glued on the top 3/8″ edge of the front of the frames, with the outer edge stakes down the top front sides as shown in the picture below.

There are so many possibilities to decorate this decorative Farmhouse Window to suit your own taste and the room it will go in. Pop over to Michelle’s blog to see how she put her’s together and decorated it. She has a lot of easy DIY crafts on her blog!

If you make one, I would love for you to share a photo in the comments under this post on my Facebook page.


10 thoughts on “Farmhouse Window – Dollar Tree DIY

  1. Your window looks amazing! I love it in black. The heart wreath looks cute on it, too. It makes my day knowing that I’ve inspired someone and I love seeing how you put this together. Thank you so much for the mention!

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