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My 3 Favorite Fall & Winter Soups

My Goodness, it’s been a busy month! We spent some extra time cleaning house and converting my little office to a guest room for a lovely granddaughter to visit for a week, plus getting a few more outdoor jobs done before she got here. While she was here, we spent a good deal of time in the kitchen cooking, including preparing an early Thanksgiving Dinner for the three of us to enjoy together. She wanted to show off several of her newly acquired culinary skills and decadent desserts while I was teaching her a few of our favorite quick and easy hearty meals. One of which is my Semi-Homemade Enchilada Casserole. Needless to say, now that we are returning to our normal everyday routines, Hubby and I decided we needed to recuperate from all the heavy meals and desserts and ease back into our normal way of eating.

So with soup season is full swing, we are starting our soup rotation. These soups are plenty hearty enough, without being too heavy. I like to make up a different pot every week for us to enjoy for a couple of days. Not only does it give us a break from cooking, everyone knows soup always tastes better the second day. I have shared these wonderful recipes before, but these 3 are by far our absolute favorites! 4 if I count Hubby’s favorite.

Kansas City Steak Soup

First up is my Kansas City Steak Soup. This vegetable beef soup was made famous in a fancy restaurant in the Plaza district in Kansas City. Surprisingly, it is super easy to make with either leftover steak or hamburger. I had a pack of pre-cooked hamburger in the freezer, so this soup went together in minutes. If your grocery store carries it, Carne Picada is excellent to use in place of the ground beef. It’s a chopped or minced beef, with larger pieces than ground beef.

How to Make the Best Potato Soup with this Secret Ingredient

Ranking a close second, How to Make the Best Potato Soup with this Secret Ingredient is another easy soup. I grew up eating my mom’s milk-based potato soup that was amazing, but this one is so much richer and tastier! So much easier too by using a bag of frozen hashbrowns, instead of peeling and cutting up potatoes.

Slow Cooker Autumn Chili

Up next is Slow Cooker Autumn Chili, which really doesn’t have to be made in a slow cooker, if you want to cook it on the stove top, which I do occasionally. This is the heartiest and most filling of these 3 soups. It’s a fabulous combination of red and black beans, diced tomatoes, sweet potatoes and hamburger seasoned perfectly! I had something very similar probably 30 years ago at a fine dining restaurant by the name of The Flat Iron Café in Omaha, Nebraska.

15 Bean Soup & Johnny Cakes

Although it doesn’t make my top 3, Hubby’s favorite is 15 Bean Soup & Johnny Cakes. It is definitely deserving of an Honorable Mention and definitely worth trying. I’m sharing it here for the Johnny Cake directions.

Crackers are always great with soup, but there’s something about adding a bread of some kind when serving a piping hot bowl of soup, whether it’s a hot crusty loaf of French or Italian bread, biscuits fresh from the oven, or buttered cornbread or corncakes that elevates the soup to the next level.

More Soup Recipes

After you try my 3 favorite soup recipes, check out these 11 Amazing Soups for Fall for some other wonderful recipes. And they aren’t just for fall!

I hope you enjoy these soups as much as we do!

6 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Fall & Winter Soups

  1. I am going to make some Kansas City soup this evening. I have a piece of steak left over. I am waiting for my pastry to bake. The soup sounds perfect for a tired cook to put together. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best Wishes.

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