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Kansas City Steak Soup

Kansas City Steak Soup (aka Plaza 111 Soup). A rich & hearty classic soup, sure to become a family favorite! This soup is easy to make and freezer-friendly. haphazardhomemaker.com #kansascitysteaksoup #plaza111soup #vegetablesoup #soup

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15 Bean Soup & Johnny Cakes

In case you haven't noticed....it is HOT outside! The heat drains me. I can't breathe. The air conditioning is struggling to keep the house cool and it's too hot to stand over a grill cooking outside. So who in their right mind, would ever think soup would be a good idea in the summertime? Uhm...me. I'd… Continue reading 15 Bean Soup & Johnny Cakes


The Best Dieting Advice Ever!

STOP! Seriously! Stop dieting! If you struggle to lose weight like I am, stop stressing over a restrictive list of foods. I found it does NOT really give you a sustainable weight loss that is easy to maintain. I'm pretty sure your body needs more calories and nutrients than these diets provide. But don't take my… Continue reading The Best Dieting Advice Ever!