Sheet Pan Meals

Oven-Baked “Fried” Zucchini Slices

Apparently, the phrase "Watching what we eat" translates to "Watching our waistlines expand". So anytime I can find a reasonably low calorie, yet healthy and kind-of-filling recipe, I'm a happy camper! We love fried zucchini. Dipped in ranch dressing. Oh, my! Yummy! However, I don't love the amount of time it takes to fry it, nor… Continue reading Oven-Baked “Fried” Zucchini Slices

Sheet Pan Meals

Parmesan Roasted Green Beans

I'm trying to use up vegetables I have in the bottom of my freezer, so that I have room for this year's harvest. Well that, and frozen vegetables lose nutritional value after awhile when frozen. While digging through the baskets, I found several quart bags of green beans, some cut into pieces and some not.… Continue reading Parmesan Roasted Green Beans