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Sunday Reflections: Simple Formula for Living

I love the simplicity of these rules. Life doesn't have to be complicated if we just follow these few tips. Because these tips can potentially eliminate some stress, I thought it would be nice to share here.

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Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Mushroom Beef Sliders

Every mouthful of these tasty little beef sliders is so delicious you won’t even miss the bun. Finely minced garlic and onion imparts juiciness and flavor to otherwise basic ground beef, while bacon, mushrooms, and sautéed mushrooms make every bite something to savor. Only 2.5 grams net carbs per serving. To save a little time… Continue reading Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Mushroom Beef Sliders

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Sunbonnet Girl Wall Hanging

This adorable Sunbonnet Girl wall hanging is reminiscent of a popular quilt pattern from years past. It's so easy to make and would look adorable in a little girl's room. Or even a big girl's room, especially if she's a quilter, seamstress or doll collector. Plus it only took 15 or 20 minutes to make.… Continue reading Sunbonnet Girl Wall Hanging

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: It’s OK If We Have Different Opinions

Everyone has different opinions and that's ok. Why would we even want to have identical opinions as others? It's great to have common interests with someone, to build wonderful friendships or partnerships, but your thoughts and opinions on all subjects don't have to be the same as theirs. What would we have to talk about?… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: It’s OK If We Have Different Opinions

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Raspberry Chicken Mixed Green Salad

I love the flavors of this refreshing summer salad that's ideal for either a brunch or light dinner! The tangy Lemon Balsamic Salad Dressing compliments the Raspberry Chicken Salad perfectly! Plus it's so quick and easy to make using store-bought rotisserie chicken, or leftover cooked chicken from your fridge or freezer. We have been eating… Continue reading Raspberry Chicken Mixed Green Salad