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Instant Pot Buffalo Hot Wings

These Hot WIngs are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, or anytime you want to dig into a plate of Buffalo Hot Wings! Nothing beats the convenience of an Instant Pot for these quick & easy (and healthier) chicken wings. Once cooked, a quick trip under the broiler is all you need to get that nice crispy finish.

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How to Trim Chicken Wings

You can buy already-trimmed wings, but they are a little cheaper if you trim them yourself. The photo below shows where to cut each whole wing. They are a little easier to trim AFTER they’ve been cooked. Be sure to save the wingtips in a freezer bag so you make my homemade chicken stock later. They’ll keep in the freezer for a little while until you have time to make the stock.

Instant Pot Buffalo Hot Wings

Printable Recipe

This recipe calls for fresh or thawed wings. If you are using frozen wings, you will need to add 3-4 minutes to the active cook time.

Serves 4 – 6 Prep 10 minutes Active Cook 14 -16 minutes (plus time to come to pressure)
Natural release 10 minutes


Buffalo Wing Sauce Ingredients
1 cup Frank’s original hot sauce
½ cup butter, melted
½ teaspoon garlic powder


  1. Sprinkle wings with paprika, ½ teaspoon garlic powder, plus salt & pepper to taste. Place metal trivet inside Instant Pot and add one cup of water. Arrange seasoned wings on top of the trivet before securing the cover in place. Switch the vent to “Sealing” and adjust the “Manual” setting to 8 minutes.
  2. While the wings cook, make the Buffalo Wing Sauce. Whisk the Frank’s hot sauce, melted butter, and ½ teaspoon garlic powder in a medium bowl until thoroughly combined. Set aside.
  3. When the wings are finished cooking in the Instant Pot, allow pressure to naturally release for 10 minutes, then do a quick release for any remaining steam. Carefully remove lid and transfer wings to a large bowl. Set aside until just cool enough to handle.  
  4. Meanwhile, move an oven rack to the top position and pre-heat broiler to high. Line a large, rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a wire cooling rack on top. Set aside.
  5. Pour 1/3 of the buffalo sauce on top of the wings and toss to coat. Transfer the wings to the wire rack on the prepared baking sheet and place under the broiler for 3-4 minutes or until the wings start to get crispy and develop some color. Turn the wings and repeat this process.
  6. Remove baking sheet from oven and toss the wings with half of the remaining buffalo sauce.

Serve immediately with celery sticks, and the remaining Buffalo Wing Sauce on the side for dipping, along with optional dressings, if desired.


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