Merry Christmas

Here are two videos that mean a lot to me and I wanted to share this evening. This first one is a reminder that in this age of commercialization that Jesus Is The Reason For This Season. This video is my favorite version of the song Mary, Did You Know? Wishing all of… Continue reading Merry Christmas


When Christmas Isn’t Picture Perfect

This post is a wonderful read for those that are not feeling Christmas Joy.

When Christmas Isn't Picture Perfect

Social Media can be pretty cruel during the holidays. When most folks are posting about their perfect trees, perfect matching PJs, perfect wrapping paper, perfect Christmas Cards and of course the perfect families.

Not all of us have perfect lives to post. So it makes it hard to go through all the posts and not be a little sad about our own lives and mental states. Like the moms who have just divorced, the dads who have lost their wives to cancer, the wife who just lost her spouse or other family member to suicide. Or anyone who has lost a job, child, parent or received the diagnosis of cancer or some other disease.

I remember when my husband lost his job many years ago. We scrambled to make sure our kids had something to unwrap for Christmas but it was so sad. You feel miserable for your kids and…

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Sunday Reflections– The Importance of Christmas Traditions

I found this wonderful post about traditions to share today. It's a good read just in time to remind us that Christmas Traditions are an important part of our lives. I for one miss the traditions I grew up with in my family home. As our families grow and In Laws join the family, then… Continue reading Sunday Reflections– The Importance of Christmas Traditions

Christmas · DIY

12 days of Christmas crafts…day 10.

Here are a few quick and easy natural ornaments that you and your family still have time to make. I absolutely love this blog and all of the sweet things this family makes, plus hearing about the tales of the Little Red House. 🙂


DIY Christmas Cutlery Bands

These Cutlery Bands are a beautiful addition to a holiday table and so easy to make!

Alphe's Corner

December for me is usually filled with cooking and baking. Honestly, it feels like I barely leave the kitchen! If it wasn’t for work, I’d likely build a pillow fortress in the kitchen for December, to stay there even for those rare times when I decide to get some sleep. This time, I took a short break from playing with food and decided to work on a little inedible project for the Christmas table – cutlery bands!

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