The Best Dieting Advice Ever!

STOP! Seriously! Stop dieting! If you struggle to lose weight like I am, stop stressing over a restrictive list Best Dieting Advice Ever! STOP! - haphazardhomemaker.comof foods. I found it does NOT really give you a sustainable weight loss that is easy to maintain. I’m pretty sure your body needs more calories and nutrients than these diets provide. But don’t take my word for it.

The “diet plans” that work the best are the major names that have been around forever. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, etc. They give you many choices of foods, plus by consuming a wider variety, you give your body a wider range of nutrients.

What is so great about these diet plans?

You can eat a variety of real food. By choosing the right foods, you can consume larger volumes of food with more nutrients and still lose weight. It’s really frustrating to be rocking along all day following the plan, and then cave in during the evening hours when you are tired and more aware of your grumbling belly.

Diets won’t work if you are always hungry.

Following are a few suggestions for healthier meal ideas. Basically, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, more fish and chicken, less red meat, eat whole grain breads and pastas, and limit sugar. Avoid high calorie condiments and sugar-laden drinks.

Sounds simple enough, right?

For best results, follow recommended portion sizes. Here is a nice list I found for you of recommended serving sizes. Lower down the page are charts with suggested daily amounts of each food group based on your age group.

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Collage - haphazardhomemakercom

Oatmeal with a fruit is both tasty and filling, or maybe one or two eggs with a piece of fruit. Add a piece of wheat toast to make it a little more filling. We have cut back on  butter on our toast, saving some of our daily portion for our evening meal. If you need something a little more that a bit of butter, there are several all-fruit spreads in the jelly aisle, that will save you a bunch of calories.

Lunch Suggestions

A few weeks ago, I shared the recipe for this low calorie Fat Blasting Italian Soup. I put it in wide-mouth canning jars that are easy to grab and are microwaveable. Have a salad or a piece of fruit, and a few whole grain crackers for a filling lunch, and you have a quick and easy lunch. If you work outside your home, prepare a few “Salads in a Jar” like these in grab and go jars.

Fat Blasting Italian Soup jars,

Or just cut up some fresh vegetables to munch on. You can make a low-calorie, low-fat dip or dressing by mixing a package of dry Ranch Dressing Mix into 2 cups of non-fat Greek yogurt. The veggies and dip would make a wonderful afternoon snack!

Grow your own veggies for the free food, plus get in some exercise while gardening.

Basket of Vegetables - haphazardhomemaker. com

Dinner Ideas

Dinner Collage

Roast a few chicken breasts or pick up a rotisserie chicken from the deli, or fish from the grocery freezer section to bake or grill. Serve with brown rice and either steamed vegetables or a salad. Occasionally, substitute a small baked potato for the rice.

Desserts and Snacks

Hard boiled eggs, cut up vegetables and fruit are always good choices. Plain popcorn is your friend! Lots of volume and few calories. If you are wanting something a little more dessert-tasting, try low fat flavored yogurt, sugar-free gelatin, or low calorie cookies are acceptable. At some point though, you may want to start consuming more fresh foods and less packaged or processed foods.

The Best Dieting Advice Ever! STOP!

Best Diet Advice Ever! Collage -

Stop dieting and start eating healthy. It’s as easy as that! So, does eating this way work? Yes it does and I actually feel better, too

Give it a try,


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